Setting Up a Place's Overview Page

You can customize the layout of your place's Overview page to better organize and display your group's information.

When you customize the Overview page for a place, you decide on a column view, then drag widgets into the layout.

To customize the Overview page:

  1. Click your Overview page and then gear icon > Edit overview page.
    If you didn't add an Overview page to your place, you won't see Edit overview page as an option. You can go to gear icon > Settings, click Advanced Options, and select Overview page.
  2. You'll see a layout interface with the available layouts and widgets listed at the top. Select a layout from the Layout column.
    Choose layout image
  3. In the widgets list, find the widgets you want and drag them into the layout area.
    Drag a widget into the layout area image
  4. After the widget is in the layout area, you can customize it by clicking the Edit this widget link (it's under the little arrow in the widget's upper right corner).
    Edit this widget image
  5. If you want to remove any widgets, click the Remove this widget link (it's under the arrow in each widget's upper right corner).
  6. To save all your changes to the layout and make them visible to other users, click Publish Layout.
If you've chosen widgets that require further configuration, you'll then edit them to ensure the correct activity flows into them, or populate them with content.