Keyboard shortcuts

You can use your keyboard to navigate when you are using some of the Jive functionality.

Note: Formatting characteristics are not retained when you copy and paste content from Microsoft Office applications into Jive.
Table 1. Content editor shortcuts
Key in Windows Key in Mac Action
Alt+F10 fn+option+f10 Move focus to the toolbar in the content editor.
Ctrl+C Command+C Copy the selected item.
Ctrl+X Command+X Cut the selected item.
Ctrl+V Command+V Paste the selected item.
Ctrl+Z Command+Z Undo an action.
Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z Command+Y Redo an action.
Ctrl+B Command+B Apply bold formatting.
Ctrl+I Command+I Apply italics formatting.
Ctrl+U Command+U Apply underline formatting.
Ctrl+<1-6> Command+<1-6> Apply heading level 1-6. For example, to format as Heading 1, press Ctrl+1.
Ctrl+7 Command+7 Format as paragraph.
Ctrl+8   Format as div.
Ctrl+9   Address.
Tab Tab Indent 5 spaces or indent a list item 1 level.
Shift+Tab   Outdent 5 spaces or outdent a list item 1 level.
Esc   Move the focus to the first visible submit button.
Ctrl+S Ctrl+S Publishes your content.
In previous versions, this key combination saved a draft, rather than publishing, for blog posts only. This is no longer the case.
Table 2. Spotlight search keyboard shortcuts
Key in Windows Key in Mac Action
Enter Enter Activate the selected item. For example, initiate a new search for the term in the search box. Or go to the selected page in the search results.
Arrow keys Arrow keys Move through items on the list.
Tab Tab Cycle forward through the Spotlight Search elements.
Shift + Tab Shift + Tab Cycle back through the Spotlight Search elements.
Esc Esc Close the Spotlight Search.