Importing and exporting tasks

Tasks can be transferred between Jive projects and other tasks management tools. Jive uses comma separated values (CSV) files to import or export task data in bulk.

Importing a task

Tasks can be imported into Jive projects from CSV files with commas used as separators. You can map the columns in a CSV file to the Jive task fields after the file is uploaded to Jive. A template of a CSV file can be found here.

To import tasks into a Jive project:

  1. Export the information from your other project management tool, saving it as a CSV file with commas used as separators.
  2. Go to your project in Jive and click Import/Export Tasks in the Actions list.
  3. On the Import/Export Tasks page, under Import tasks from a CSV file, click Browse to locate the CSV file you exported, and then click Upload File.

    After the file is uploaded, the page shows the column titles for Jive tasks (such as Description Field, Assigned To Field, and Due Date Field), with dropdowns that list column titles found in the CSV you're uploading.

  4. Use the dropdowns to map a different CSV column title to each of the titles in the Jive project.

    This determines where the information goes in the Jive project. The page displays a preview using information found in your CSV file.

  5. Click Proceed to accept the mappings.
  6. Clear check boxes for those items you don't want to import.
  7. If necessary, click the Edit link for a task to edit task information before you import it.
  8. Click Import Selected Tasks to import the tasks.

The imported tasks are linked to the project.

Exporting a Task

To export tasks from a Jive project to a CVS file:

  1. Go to your project in Jive and click Import/Export Tasks in the Actions list.
  2. On the Import/Export Tasks page, under Export tasks to a CSV file, specify exporting options:
    • Select which tasks should be exported: All or Incomplete tasks only
    • Select if Username or First/last name should be used
    • Select if the CSV file should be encoded for Microsoft Excel
  3. To export only some of the filtered issues, click Choose Tasks, clear the check boxes for the tasks you don't want to export, and then click Export Selected Tasks.
  4. To export all filtered issues, click Export.

The CSV file with the exported tasks is downloaded to your computer.