Making your content more engaging

It may seem obvious that good, clear writing draws people in. Writing well takes practice. Getting people to actually open your blog post requires it to stand out as it whizzes by the community. Improving your writing and getting readers to read your content are ways you can better your Personal Insights.

Here are a few tips you can use to grab your audience's attention:

As you gain the attention of your community, think about how to get people to interact with your content. Start with a clear idea of what you need from readers. If you have a specific question, ask it! If your community supports polls, you could also link to a poll, asking people to participate. If you have something specific to communicate, state it early on, so people don't miss the point.

You should also find someone to review your content, especially if you think it's perfect. Hint: It's usually not perfect, even for the pros. Hearing someone's perspective on your writing helps you remove anything that distracts from your point, which gives it impact.

For more tips on writing, check out these classic books: