Alerts for people, places, and content items

By using @mentions, you can alert people, places, and groups that you're talking about them.

When you create, or comment on, content in your community, you have the ability to @mention a person, place, or piece of content. For example, you might post "Trivia Night was a success for Team Chaos! @Trivia_Night_Group" to alert the Trivia Night Group or "@Joey_Ramone, please check out my question @Why is the Submit form not working today?" to focus the attention of Joey Ramone on the document.

When someone is @mentioned in a piece of content, a notification of the activity flows into their Inbox. Members and followers of groups you mention are notified in their Following stream and in any other streams that are following that group.

To mention a person, a place, or a content item:

  1. In the text editor, type the "@" symbol (or click @ Mention if you are using the content editor).
    A search dialog opens and suggests possible matches. Scroll through the list of people, places, and content. To narrow matches, use an underscore (_) instead of a space. For example, @Mike_D would match the Mikes whose last name begins with D.
  2. Select the correct match from the list.
    A link to the person or place that you chose shows up in your content. When you publish your content, the people and places that were @mentioned are notified.