Other Templates

Other Templates contain the Pre-hire Collaboration for externally-facing communities.

Templates are organized according to the kind of workgroup that typically uses them, but you can rename and customize any template. The right template contains more or less the tiles that you need. For example, if you want to set up a place to track items identified for quick follow-up, you could pick the Sales Answer Desk template when creating the place, even if Sales isn't your main goal. This template includes a Featured People tile to identify people you can direct questions to, tracks items marked for Action and recent decisions, and surfaces popular content. For more information about data tiles and the information they're based on, see the Tile Reference.
Restriction: If your community does not have additional modules enabled, you may not see some of the feature options that are listed and your options may be different. In addition, externally-facing communities (those serving customers, partners, and vendors), do not have the Corporate Communications, HR, IT, or R&D, or Sales templates. Internally-facing communities (those serving employees), do not have the Customer Service, Other, or Products templates.
Place Template Tiles Features Default Type Default Tag(s)
Pre-hire Collaboration

Featured People

Key Content and Places

Helpful Links

Action Items

Key Dates









Status Updates

Private (Unlisted) and Externally Accessible pre-hire