Using your recommendations

You can use the Jive recommendation features to find content, people, and places you might like to follow in your streams.

Jive includes a powerful "genius" feature that analyzes your business relationships, expertise, and areas of interest based on your behavior in the community. It then uses that data to recommend relevant content, people, and places that you have not yet seen in the community. The more you and others interact in the community, the better the recommendations you receive.

Depending on how your community manager has set things up, you may see some of these helpful tiles when cruising through your News streams:
You can also click on any of the browse menus (People, Your Places, and Your Content), and then click the Recommended tab on the left.
Note: Jive recommendations obey all content permissions and do not recommend content that you don't have permission to view. Therefore, you may not see the same Trending Content or Trending People as others, depending on your content viewing permissions, when you logged in, and when the last data collection occurred. Your Recommended Content, Recommended People, Trending Content, and Trending People all change based on your shifting interests, affinities, and even changes in the org chart.