Registering in community

Depending on the community configuration, an account may be provided for you, or you can create it yourself.

Some of the communities you cannot access without registering. In other communities you can browse the content, but with registration you get access to additional useful features, such as useful notifications and direct messages.

Registration in Jive communities depends on the community configuration. In some communities, a user account may be created for you by administrators, and they provide you with details for logging in to the community. Or you may be able to create an account for yourself.


You must have a valid email address which is used to verify your identity.

Self-registering in community

Generally, you should follow the steps below to self-register.

  1. Open the community URL. The login and registration page should be opened. If another page opens, click Register to go to the registration page.
  2. Next, you provide your email which you will use to access the community. Generally, one of the following options should be available.
    • Click Click here to create one to start creating your account.

      An example of the registration form
    • If you are required to confirm your email address first, enter your email address and click Confirm address.

      An example of the registration form with required email verification
      Note: Adding hashtag symbols (#) in email address for registration might result to URL displaying inappropriately in the User Profile page. As much as possible, refrain from using this special character in the Email Address box.

      You receive an email with further instruction for registration. Click on the provided link to continue.

    • If SSO is enabled in the community, you can use your other credentials, such as Google or Facebook, to log in. The information about you is usually received from this account, and your user account is created immediately.
  3. You may be required to review the Terms and Conditions agreement and the cookie usage policy. It is required to accept the conditions to access the community.
  4. Then you need to create your user password and provide some information about yourself. The required information is marked accordingly.

    If you registered with an SSO account, you might not see this step.

  5. When you finish, click Create Account.

Your account is created. Depending on the community setup, you may be immediately redirected to the community home page. Alternatively, you may need to wait while your request is validated. After that, you will receive an email with the results and further instructions.

With your new account, you can explore the community. For more information, see Getting started.