Reordering and Editing Pages

To reorder, edit or hide links in a place's navigation, click the gear icon > Navigation in a place.

Reordering Pages
To reorder pages in a place, just drag and drop them to where you want to see them in the output, and then click Apply. For example, move the page you want to see first to the top of the list.
Note: The first page on the list becomes the landing page of the place.
Hiding Pages
Click the Hide icon for all pages you want to hide from the place, and then click Apply.
Editing Pages
Click the Edit icon to edit the name of a custom page. Click the green check mark icon when done or the red x icon to cancel, and then click Apply. You can only edit custom page names, and not names of other pages like Activity or Overview. If you were actually looking for how to edit content on a custom page, see Adding a Custom Page to a Place.