Saving a Collection

If you are a place owner, you can save collections to display on the place's Images page in the Collections library.

Attention: If you don't see Save Collection when creating a collection, then you aren't a place owner and can't save collections. You can still share your collection.

Each place can feature 30 custom collections. To save a collection:

  1. Create a new collection.
  2. Click Save Collection.
    Note: If you are unable to click Save Collection, then you have reached the maximum number of collections. If you want to save another collection, you'll need to delete one of the existing collections.
  3. You'll have the option to replace it or save it as a new collection.
    Do you want to save changes or save a new collection
    Select Save changes to replace the collection with your new one or select Save a new collection to make a new collection.
  4. If you are saving a new collection, enter a name for your new collection and click Save Collection.
Your new collection will be displayed in the Collections library, after the other saved collections.

New saved collections