Updating your status

Status updates are a quick, informal way to let people know you're active and engaged in the community. You can post an update by typing a brief update in the What's going on? box at the top of any stream. You can include an @mention, image, link, or YouTube link in your post.

With a status update, you can tell others what you're doing right now, for example, "Loved the company pizza at lunch today. Thanks, @HR team!" or "Slogging through the #TPS #report. Ugh!" You can post a status update for the entire community (default) or limit it to a specific group. For more information about status updates, see Posting status update in groups and Status Update Tips & Tricks.

Adding images, links, or YouTube links to your status update

You can insert an image, link, or YouTube video link to your status update. This is a good way to share information with people in your community.

Add an @mention to your status update

You can use an @mention in your status update to call out specific people, content, and places. This can be helpful if you want to point someone to a specific item or make sure someone gets your update in their Inbox. When you @mention a person in your status update, the update appears in that person's Inbox.

For more information about @mentions, see Alerts for people, places, and content items.

Filter for status updates

If you want to see a specific person status updates, go to their profile page and click Activity > Status Updates.