Updating Places That Have an Overview Page

If you are a place owner, you can also add an Activity page to your place, which takes advantage of place templates and tiles.

You have the option of updating your place's Overview page to an Activity page or adding an Activity page in addition to your place's Overview page.
Note: If you have both an Activity page and an Overview page, you can choose which you prefer for the landing page (where visitors land by default when they navigate to the place).
Tip: If you use the checkpoint and status functionality for tracking project tasks, you may want to stick with the old-style Overview page rather than updating to the Place Template format. The widgets in the Overview page more effectively support Projects at this time.

To add an Activity page or to replace the Overview page with an Activity page:

  1. Go to the landing page for your place and click the gear icon > Settings.
    Note: The Edit place page will appear.
  2. Click Advanced options at the bottom.
  3. Under Place navigation, select or deselect Overview page.
    Note: You can make either the Overview page or the Activity page your default landing page. For more on this, see Managing Page Navigation in Places.
  4. Click OK and then click Save at the bottom of the page.