Translating content

You can translate content that you and other community members created, without leaving your Jive community.

If Content Translation Service is enabled in your community, you can see a Translate link in the Actions menu of published content, including comments.
  • To translate the user-generated content into your default language, click Translate.

    Translate link in published content
    Note: Your default language is the language that your Jive application is in. You can view your default language by clicking Your Avatar > Preferences and looking under Language. For more information, see Supported languages.
  • Comments are translated separately. Go to the comment you want to translate, and click Translate.

    Translate link in comments
  • If you want to translate into a language other than your default, click the drop-down arrow next to Translate and select a language from the list that appears.

    Translate drop-down
  • After content is translated, Translate changes to Undo Translation. Select that link, leave the page, or refresh the page to return the content to its original language.
Tip: The Translate link translates user-generated content only. If you want to use Jive in a different language, change your default language by clicking Your Avatar > Preferences and selecting a different Language.