Designing places

To customize a space, group, or project with a preconfigured set of content options designed for specific collaboration goals, you can use your Activity page as the landing page, and then apply and configure a place template.

An Activity page shows a real-time activity stream of updates happening in the place, such as status updates and replies to content.

Place templates are the starting point for setting up an Activity page: each template contains an activity stream, plus a configurable group of tiles that reflect common collaboration goals. When you edit an existing place, create a group, start a project, or (if you have permission) create a new space, you can choose a temple from a list of pre-designed place templates. You need to quickly set up a few key tiles to start collaborating in reality-tested environments such as:

When you use a place template, you can add or remove any tiles and move them around within the layout. Tiles are visual building blocks of information. They may dynamically pull data either from around your Jive installation or from a third-party service, or they may be configured with the information you've hand-selected.