Items that appear in streams

You can review your stream content and understand why you are seeing something in a stream with these checks.

Here are some examples of activities that trigger new stream items for people, places, and content that you're following in a stream:
If you are seeing something in your stream that you don't think you are following, you should check if you follow:

If you discover that you are following the person, place, or content item in your Following stream or any of your custom streams, but you don't want to, go to or hover over the person, place, or content and click Stop Following.

Your News streams (those listed when you click News) were created by other people, so you have to ask them about any unexpected content you see in your News streams.

A common question is why you're getting email notifications on activity you're not interested in. Note that each of your custom streams (those listed to the right of Following) has a configuration setting to enable or disable email notifications. For more information, see Choosing between email and stream notifications.