Working with shared office documents

With Jive for Office, you can share your Office documents with others in your online community. As you make changes to a shared document on your computer, Jive for Office synchronizes the document with the version that's visible in the community and provides real-time notifications to users working in the same document. The notifications tell users that content has changed and give them the option to incorporate the changes into their version using a merge tool. This keeps the content on the community up to date, but also synchronizes comments, tags, and collaboration settings between the community and your document.

This feature is supported for Microsoft Office running on Windows. For more information about supported Office versions, see the Jive for Office Guide or the Jive for Office 365 Guide.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can edit everything but the content of a shared document in the community. In the community you can edit descriptions, tags, and categories, and you can use an Office program to edit the document content.

What you can do

With Jive for Office, you can upload Microsoft Office documents to your community, then keep changes to the document in sync while you work in Office.

In particular, with Jive for Office you can: