Creating and Editing Content

You can create discussions, documents, blog posts, and status updates, as well as post images or videos and send direct messages, from your Jive Daily app.

Create Content

To get started with creating content:

  1. Tap Create.
  2. Select the type of content you want to create (direct message, discussion, status update, blog post, and so on).

  3. Start typing. While typing, you can also:
    • @mention people, places, or content items
    • Insert hyperlinks
    • Add numbered or a bulleted list
    • Embed images in the content
    • Format text (bold, italics or underlined)

  4. Once the content is ready, you can select a particular place to publish, or you can choose to share your content with specific people. Alternatively, you can also choose to keep the visibility of your content hidden, or you may choose to expose it to the entire community.
    Note: These publishing options appear depending on your content type. Therefore, you may not find all of these options available for each content type.
  5. (Optional) Add relevant tags to your content to optimize its search. Learn more about using tags in the core help.
  6. Tap Post Now to publish. Alternatively, if your content type supports saving it as a draft and you do not want to publish it yet, you can tap Save As Draft.
Note: The Save As Draft option is only available for a Document or a Blog Post content type.

Edit or Delete Content

Note: In case you are not the owner of the content, you must first check if you have adequate premission to edit or delete it.
To Edit or Delete a piece of content:
  1. Browse to the content you wish to edit or delete.
  2. Tap or accordingly.

    While editing you are provided the same fields and options that were used while creating the content. On deleting, the system directly removes the content.