What is Jive Daily?

Jive Daily is a consumer-style app for the workplace designed to keep you informed and engaged from anywhere on your Android and iOS device. It delivers company news the way you want to receive it. Overall, it is a simple tool designed to keep you up to date and actively engaged at work.

With Jive Daily, you can like and comment on posts, share ideas, and ask questions. Jive Daily administrators can target communications to specific users, teams, and departments, so you get just the information that's relevant to your function.

In addition, you can choose to follow select people and topic-specific groups to further tailor your newsfeed to your own interests. Smart mobile alerts and digest emails ensure that you never miss important news, information, and updates.

With Jive Daily it is easy to compose posts, collaborate on content with other editors, and push content to the target audience.

After you publish something, you can analyze real-time metrics that show who has or hasn't read the post, how the post is resonating, and how you can improve your next post for even more significant impact.