Jive Anywhere overview

Jive Anywhere combines the endless information of the internet with the collaborative power of Jive.

To get work done, you need to interact with many different web sites and web applications. For example, you approve invoices, review job candidates, or research on the Web. When you come across something you need to discuss in Jive, such as a candidate on LinkedIn, you can now use Jive Anywhere to connect all the Jive conversations. In one place, everyone in your community can converge on this one subject.

Jive Anywhere brings Jive collaboration directly into the context of any web site or web application. For instance, as you review a sales opportunity with a CRM system, you can see if anyone in your company has already been discussing the company. With a Jive Anywhere click, you can create a group in your Jive community to discuss the opportunity with colleagues.