Auto-updating Jive Anywhere

When Jive Software updates the Jive Anywhere browser extension, you can automatically get the updates in your browser.

Google Chrome always receives updates in the background and does not require a restart. You need to configure Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari to receive automatic updates.

Internet Explorer

Updates occur automatically as long you don't need a major Jive Anywhere update. You see a notification at the bottom of the Jive Anywhere pane when a major update is required. Otherwise, the update occurs in the background without bothering you.

You need administrative permissions on your computer to do a major Jive Anywhere update, which is usually updated to the Jive Anywhere framework. In addition, you need to download the updated .msi file from Your avatar > Tools.


Auto-updates don’t work automatically on Safari browsers. You can enable it by going to Preferences > extensions > updates > Install updates automatically.


Auto-updates are enabled by default on Firefox. If you have disabled auto-updates, you can enable them by selecting Tools > Add-ons. Click the gears icon and select Update Add-ons Automatically is checked. You need to restart after an update is installed.