Commenting on Jive content

You can comment on Jive content even when you're viewing that content in Jive Anywhere.

When you look at a web page, you can also check out who in your community is talking about it, as described in Talking about web pages. If you come across documents, blog posts, or discussions, you can comment or reply to them in Jive Anywhere without ever leaving the web site.

  1. Using a browser with Jive Anywhere installed, open a web page.
  2. Click the Discuss tab on the right side of your browser. If you're connected to multiple communities, select the community where you want to post.
  3. Click a document, blog post, or discussion in the list of items that mention this web page.
    You can see a Jive Anywhere view of the selected content.
  4. From the Jive Anywhere view, click Reply to respond to a comment or Reply to original post at the bottom to respond to the original post.

Your reply is published on the community site.