Creating discussion about web pages

You can use Jive Anywhere to create a Jive discussion about a web page that you're viewing.

Use the following steps to create a discussion and get people talking about a web page. For more information about getting around Jive Anywhere, see Quick visual tour.

Note: If your community has the Existing Discussion feature, the Discuss tab will turn yellow when a page is already being discussed in your community.

To create a discussion about a web page:

  1. Using a browser with Jive Anywhere installed, open a web page.
  2. Click the Discuss tab on the right side of your browser. If you're connected to multiple communities, select the community where you want to post.
  3. Click New discussion to discuss this page in your community.
  4. When the dialog box opens, it uses the web page name as the discussion title. You can use the web page name or type a new title in the title's field.
  5. To create either a discussion in a place or a private discussion:
    • To create a discussion in a place, in Post in, type or select the Jive place to contain the discussion.

      If this web page has been connected to a place, the To field defaults to that place. If required, you can select a different place. For more information about connecting places with Jive Anywhere, see Connecting Jive places and web pages.

      Note: You can select Entire Community if you want your discussion to show up in everyone's Activity stream.
    • To create a private discussion, select one or more community users who should see this discussion in the To field. Use the visibility fields in the Jive Anywhere viewer to see who is included in private discussions.
      Note: If available in your community, you can add external contributors to a discussion.
  6. Type your discussion content in the text box.
  7. Select Mark as Question if you want this discussion to be posted as a question.
  8. Click Add a new snapshot if you want to capture some portion of the web page and post it along with your discussion.
    For more information, see Using Snapshot tool.
  9. Click Post.

The discussion is posted in the community.