Installing Jive Anywhere in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

If you use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome to go to your community, then when you perform the installation steps outlined below, Jive should detect your browser and download the extension appropriate for that browser.

To download and install Jive Anywhere:

  1. Log in to your community.
  2. Go to Your avatar > Tools.
    Alternatively, you can go to Apps > Jive Anywhere to get to the Tools page.
  3. Click Download for under Jive Anywhere. Jive Anywhere detects the current browser, if supported, and installs the appropriate extension or plugin.
  4. As a Chrome or Firefox user, you should follow one of these steps:
    • In Chrome, you are redirected to the Chrome store, where you should click +Add to Chrome.
    • In Firefox, you may need to select Allow if you have security settings enabled for add-ons.
  5. Click Install Now.
    You should be redirected to the Jive Settings page. If you don't see this page, then click the Discuss tab in the upper right corner of your browser. When the panel slides out, click the gear icon at the top and select Settings.
  6. Type your community URL in the Your Jive Instance URL field to connect Jive Anywhere to your community. For example, a community URL may look like this:
  7. Click Connect to complete the process.
    The field becomes green when successfully connected.