Installing Jive Anywhere in Internet Explorer

Installing Jive Anywhere for Internet Explorer has several additional options.

If you use Internet Explorer in Windows to browse your community, you can download the Windows installer to install Jive Anywhere. The Windows Installer is an .MSI file that installs Jive Anywhere browser plugins for all browser types on your system.

To download and install Jive Anywhere:

  1. Log in to your community.
  2. Go to Your avatar > Tools.
    Alternatively, you can go to Apps > Jive Anywhere to get to the Tools page.
  3. Click Download for for Jive Anywhere.
    Note: You begin downloading the Windows installer file, JiveAnywhere.msi. This file contains the extension versions for all supported browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox), as well as a plugin for Internet Explorer.
  4. Close all windows of your browsers.
  5. Run the JiveAnywhere.msi by double-clicking it.
  6. Select the browsers that you want to have Jive Anywhere.
    By default, the installer detects the browsers installed on the system and prepares to install the extension for each one, unless you change it.
  7. Once installation completes, start Internet Explorer.
    You should be directed to the Jive Settings page. If you don't see this page then click Refresh. If you still don't see this page, then click the Discuss tab to the right of your browser, and when the panel slides out, click the gear icon at the top and select Settings.
  8. Type your community URL in the Your Jive Instance URL field.
    For example, a community URL may look like
  9. Click Connect to complete the process.

    The field becomes green when successfully connected.

In Internet Explorer, set the security level for Internet / Intranet zones to Custom or Medium-high (or anything lower) because they enable Jive Anywhere to run.