Talking about web pages

When you're on any web page, you can open Jive Anywhere and see what everyone in your community is saying about that page. Of course, you will only see content in places you have access to.

If you need help navigating Jive Anywhere, take a quick tour before you begin using it. For more information, see Quick visual tour.

To find out who's talking about a page:

  1. Using a browser with Jive Anywhere installed, open a web page.
    For more on installing Jive Anywhere, see Installing Jive Anywhere in your browser.
  2. Click the Discuss tab on the right side of your browser. If you're connected to multiple communities, select the community where you want to post.

    You can see a list of every piece of content that mentions this page, and which you have permission to view.

    Note: If your community has enabled the Existing Discussion feature, the Discuss tab will turn yellow when a page is already being discussed in your community.
  3. Click a community mention to see its content. From information about participating in discussions, see Participating in discussions or Commenting on Jive content.