Jive for Office

Jive for Office allows you to use the Microsoft Office applications to create documents and have them saved to Jive, where they can be shared with other users for editing (including simultaneous co-editing) and commenting.

Jive for Office is an add-in for Microsoft Office that enables you to store documents in the community and allows multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously in Microsoft Office. Documents stay in sync because Jive for Office notifies you when changes have been made to the document, and you can choose how you want to deal with the changes.

You get real-time notifications of changes and comments being made to a document when you have it open in supported versions of Office. If someone else has changed the document, you also get the chance to merge your changes with other people's. You can incorporate changes into your document, or overwrite your document with the updated document.

You can also keep up-to-date on comments, ratings, and likings.