Managing collaborators

You can add collaborators to work on your Office documents.

By default, when you use for Office to add a document to your community, the document's collaboration options are set as follows:

  • Only you can edit the document when you save to your personal container.
  • Anyone can edit it when you save it to an open place.

You can change these defaults to fit the document needs.

To change collaboration options:

  1. In Office, open the document you want to start from.
  2. In the ribbon, got to the Jive toolbar.
  3. Click Collaboration.
  4. In the dialog box, select who can edit the document:
    • Specific people: Only the people whose names you choose can make changes. If you select this, begin typing the person's name in the box beneath Specific people. When their full name appears, click it to add it to the list.
    • Just you: Only you can make changes to the document's content.
    • Anyone: Anyone in the community can make changes.
  5. Click Update.