Adding comments

When you comment on a document in Office or the community (as opposed to adding inline comments in the body of a document), your comments are synchronized and appear in both places. When you add inline comments in either location, these comments are visible where they are created, but are not synchronized or visible from the other location.

There are two kinds of comments for shared Office documents:

  • Document comments are like those people make elsewhere in the community. People can usually comment on shared documents just as they comment on other kinds of documents. These are added in the community or in Office. You can see these in Office when you go to Jive > Dashboard and then click the Comments tab.
  • Inline comments appear in the document itself. An inline comment is a way to add a comment to a particular part of the document. When you add an inline comment in the community, it shows up in the community on the Inline Comments tab at the bottom of the document, as well as in the document preview, but is not visible in Office. Inline comments you create in Office can be seen in the Review tab when you select Final Showing Markup in the Tracking group, but cannot be seen in the Jive community.

To add a document comment:

  1. In Microsoft Office, go to Jive > Dashboard, and then click Comments.
  2. Type your comment.
  3. Click Add a comment.
    Comments in Jive for Office
  4. You can click Reply to reply to an existing comment or Delete to delete an existing comment.