Getting Jive for Office add-on

You need the Jive for Office add-on to share documents between Microsoft Office applications and your community, which requires Microsoft Windows. If you don't have the add-on, you can get it from Tools under your avatar.

To get the Jive for Office from Tools:

  1. In the community, go to Your avatar > Tools.
  2. Find the Jive for Office add-on and click Download now.
  3. Close any Microsoft Office programs you are running.
  4. Run the file after it is downloaded to install the add-on.

    The installation program will prompt you for any additional installation requirements.

    Note: If your device is running an anti-virus software then the downloaded installer files are usually scanned for virus and the installation stalls for some time until the scanning is complete. The installer may even throw an error message that some files required for installation are not available, after sometime the error message goes away and the installation resumes.

After you install the Jive for Office add-on, you need to connect it to your community, as described in Connecting to your community.