Keeping documents synchronized

After you've connected your community to Office, Jive Connects for Microsoft Office keeps your documents synchronized with the community.

What does Jive for Office sync

Jive for Office does the following:

  • Updates the document preview in the community when you save changes to the document's content.
  • Updates the Office document comments list with comments made in the community.
  • Lets you see updates from others in your community and review them before using them.
  • Keeps changes to community-related document properties in sync between the Office application and the community. When a change is made in one place, it shows up in the other. You can see the following properties in the Dashboard:
    • Tags
    • Categories
    • The document's title
    • The document's description
    • Revision activity
    • Document's state

Getting updates from community

To get document updates from the community:

  1. When your document has been updated by someone in the community, you get a real-time pop-up notification. Alternatively, you can also click Check for Updates.

  2. If there are no changes, a message tells you so. Otherwise, you can select how you want to deal with the changes:
    • To accept the newer version, overwriting your own local changes, select Replace my version.

      You can also user the Overwrite Local Version check box from the Jive toolbar at any time if you want to discard your local work and start over with the published version.

    • Merge and Review to review which changes you want to use.
    • Ignore to continue working without accepting or rejecting changes at this time.
  3. When you're done working, save your changes. Others users in the community can see your recent changes.
  4. If at any time you want to overwrite the current local document with the version on the community, click Check for Updates > Overwrite local version in the Jive toolbar.

Pushing updates to community

You can edit documents locally in Office apps, and then publish updates to the community.

To upload changes and generate notifications about the update:

  • In the ribbon, select Jive, then click Publish > Publish update.

To upload changes and do not show the update in activity streams:

  • In the ribbon, select Jive, then click Publish > Publish update (minor edit).