Working with document versions

As you work on a document in Office, Jive Connects for Microsoft Office keeps track of changes, including community-related information such as comments. It can sync your changes with what's going on in the community with the click of a button. You can even view the changes that have been made since previous versions of the document while in Office. You can also save a previous version as the current one.
The version management feature does its work in part by using the change tracking feature built into Office. That means that if you download a document that someone has made changes to, you might see revision marks placed there by the change tracking feature. The document is fine, but the revision marks can make it hard to read. You can hide the marks in the following ways:
  • In Word 2007 or 2010, select the Review tab. In the Tracking group, select Final in the Display for Review menu to hide the changes.
  • In Word 2003, locate the Reviewing toolbar. In the Display for Review menu, select Final.

Work with document revisions

Jive Connects for Microsoft Office creates a new version of a document whenever you save changes to the document.

To view previous versions of a document:

  1. Open a community document. You can see the dashboard on the right. If you don’t, select Jive in the toolbar and click Dashboard.
  2. Under Versions, if the version you want to see isn't visible, scroll down to display it. Previous versions are listed with the date and time when they were saved. If you hover over a version, you can see the name of the person who published that version.
  3. From the list of versions, click the one you want to view.
Note: You can't save a previous version as the current one. To recover a previous version, open that version and publish it under a new name.

Work with document activity

Jive Connects for Microsoft Office displays a list of activity related to the document. This activity includes versions saved and comments added. By clicking certain items in the activity list, you can add information to it. For example, you can view and add comments from the Comments tab.

To view document activity:

  1. In Office, click Jive and then click Dashboard.

    In the Overview panel, you can see details about the document, such as when it was last edited and what version you're looking at.

  2. Click the arrows next to tags, categories or description to add or edit this information and have it shows up in the community.
  3. In the Comments tab, click Reply to add a comment to the open document. These comments show up in the community as comments. For more information, see Adding comments.
  4. You can also browse other documents that the author has created or documents similar to the open document.