Jive Super Search

Jive Super Search combines a search of your Outlook mail folders with a search of community content.

When you select the Jive Super Search check box, your search results will include not only Outlook contacts, emails (including deleted email), attachments, and appointments, but also permitted content on your Jive community site. Results are displayed in Jview, so you can interact with your community without ever leaving your search results.

You can filter Super Search by using the content type buttons at the top of the pane.

If you find some of your results are not as expected, click Options and then Reindex to bring your results up to date. How long it takes depends on how many emails you have saved. You can continue working while indexing takes place. Everything in Outlook is indexed, not just your Inbox.

Disabling Super Search

You can turn Super Search off as follows: by

  • Click Options in the Jive section of the menu and then click Disable in the Super Search section.