Viewing social information

Jive for Outlook provides rich social context to your email and lets you customize your view.

When you're using Outlook with the reading pane open, Jive for Outlook gives you the choice of a three-pane view with a maximized social bar in its own pane, and a two-pane view with a mini social bar showing social information in a more collapsed form. Click Maximize at the right of the social pane to get the full social bar. Clicking the triangle in the upper left corner of the user's profile photo gets you the mini-social bar view. Note that the mini social bar is not available unless you have the reading pane open.

Maximized social bar

From the maximized social bar, you can see information from multiple sources about the person whose activity initiated the currently selected email — you can toggle between their contact information, bio, and experience.

  • Click the Jive icon to see the full profile in the Jive Community for the selected person.
  • Click the menu under the contact's name to select a different person from the currently selected conversation or meeting.
  • At the bottom of the social bar, toggle between Jive information, public Facebook and Twitter information (if you're connected to those services), and related Outlook correspondence with the currently selected person. The Outlook tab shows not only emails sent by the person you have selected but any email threads or meeting requests in which both you and the other person were included.

Mini social bar

From the minimized social bar, you won't see the full social information, but you can still see the key profile information associated with any Jive contact. Use the navigation at the top of the right pane to quickly open Jive or any other social networks you are connected to and see information about the contact in context — just click on the appropriate icon. Click the envelope icon to see this contact's email results in Super Search.

Next to the contact name, you can select the arrow to see a list of the other people included in the currently selected conversation or meeting. Click to view information about a different person. You can also see a Change link under the name. If you're not seeing the right profile information for this contact, you can click this link to search various social networks for the correct profile identity. For more information, see Finding the right person.