Finding the right person

To help Jive for Outlook identify the correct identity for a contact, use Contact Manager to search.

Sometimes Jive for Outlook has trouble matching up a contact with the correct identity. If you see the wrong person's profile data showing up in JView for one of your contacts, you can use Contact Manager to find the right person.

To search for a person:

  1. In the social pane, click Change under the user's avatar.
    You will see a list of communities and social providers where you can search for the contact.
  2. Select one provider and click Change to try searching for the contact.
    The results populate automatically, or you can type a new query in the Search manually field.
    For example, if you didn't find the right Wendy Williams automatically, Contact Manager lets you pick from other people with the same name. The text under the user avatar tells you how Jive for Outlook matched the contact originally.