About File Sync between SharePoint and Jive

Connecting a Jive Place (Group, Project, Space) to SharePoint can be done in two ways:


Group Type All registered users in Jive Everyone principal in SharePoint
Open Granted contribute Added to Jive Contributors permission group
Members only Granted read-only Added to Jive Readers permission group
Private & Secret No permission No permission


Projects inherit permission from the parent Place. For example, if the project is under a members-only group, the Jive-All-Users Permission Groups are added to the Jive Readers permission group.

Ongoing Sync

When a user joins or is added to a group, the SharePoint user that is mapped with the Jive user is added to the SharePoint site connected to the group. Similar behavior occurs when a user leaves or removed from a group - the user is removed from the SharePoint site as well.

Projects within a group that are connected to SharePoint inherit the same behavior.

To view specific site permissions:
  1. Enter the site with a site administartor user.
  2. At the top of the right corner, click Settings > Site Settings.
  3. Click Site Permissions.