About file sync between SharePoint and Jive

Connecting a Jive place (group, project, space) to SharePoint can be done in two ways.

You can connect a Jive place with SharePoint as follows:

  • Connecting a place to SharePoint and creating a new site in SharePoint that syncs to the Jive place.
    Permissions sync from the Jive Place to the SharePoint Site as follows:
    • The Jive-Admins Permission Group(s) you have specified in the connection are added as an admin to each site created. This can be used for SharePoint admin users group or a specific user.
    • The Jive-All-Users Permission Group(s) simulates the All Registered Users group in Jive. This can also be set up for specific groups.
  • Connecting a Place to an existing SharePoint site.

    SharePoint permissions remain unchanged.


Group type All registered users in Jive Everyone principal in SharePoint
Open Granted contribute Added to Jive Contributors permission group
Members only Granted read-only Added to Jive Readers permission group
Private and Private Unlisted No permission No permission


Projects inherit permission from the parent place. For example, if the project is under a members-only group, the Jive-All-Users Permission Groups are added to the Jive Readers permission group.

Ongoing sync

When a user joins or is added to a group, the SharePoint user that is mapped with the Jive user is added to the SharePoint site connected to the group. Similar behavior occurs when a user leaves or removed from a group — the user is removed from the SharePoint site as well.

Projects within a group that are connected to SharePoint inherit the group behavior.