Deleting a Jive Place or SharePoint Site

For most SharePoint-connected places you delete in Jive, the SharePoint site is also deleted. The exception is when a Jive Place is connected to an existing SharePoint site.

The best practice for deleting a SharePoint site connected as an existing site to a Jive Place is to first delete the Jive place and then delete the SharePoint site it's connected to. To avoid any broken links, you should delete both the Jive Place and the SharePoint site its connected to.

Deleting a SharePoint-Connected Group

To delete a Jive group:

Select Manage > Delete from the group you want to delete.

Deleting a SharePoint-Connected Space

You can delete a space by performing the following steps from the Admin Console. Some communities may require the community admin is the one who deletes the space.

To delete a Jive space:

  1. From the Admin Console, go to Spaces > Management > Summary.
  2. Find the space you want to remove and click Delete.
  3. Confirm deletion by clicking Delete.

Deleting a SharePoint Site

If you want to delete a SharePoint site that was connected to a Jive place as an existing site, make sure you delete the Jive place and then the SharePoint site.

To delete a SharePoint site:

  1. Select Site Actions > Site Settings
  2. Select Delete Site under Site Settings.