Connecting Jive to Salesforce

You'll need a Salesforce account with API-level access to connect Jive to Salesforce.

To connect Jive and Salesforce so you can escalate Salesforce cases from Jive questions, you need a Salesforce account with API-level access, and you'll need to supply your security token as well as your username and password. You can test the connection from the Jive admin console. The API user is typically your service user in Salesforce. If you don't have the security token (also known as the API key) associated with that user, you can only retrieve it by resetting it. Keep in mind that resetting the security token will also affect any other users who use the service user. If this isn't convenient, you may also choose to create a Jive-dedicated API user in Saleforce.

You can disable the connection (and make sure no information can be sent to Salesforce) using the Disable button.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > CRM Integration > Connection, or click connect to CRM during initial setup.
  1. On the Connection tab, provide your username, password, and API key (security token). Note that even though Salesforce tells you to append the security token to your password, Jive provides a separate field for the security token. Don't append it to your password in the Jive admin console.
  2. Click Save Settings. You'll see information about your connection status displayed at the top of the tab.