Creating an Auto-Escalation Policy

If you want discussions to automatically be escalated into Salesforce as cases, create a policy to determine the conditions when this should happen.

Auto-escalation from Jive can occur whenever discussions are created and marked as questions. If you enable auto-escalation, you can choose to automatically escalate every question, or escalate questions only when they do not receive an answer after a specified time elapses. Your auto-escalation policy applies to all places (groups and spaces) in Jive by default. However, community administrators and users with owner or administrator rights to a group or space can override the setting for specific spaces by modifying the CRM settings for a space: see Creating a Place-Specific Escalation Policy. You'll see a list of places that currently have exceptions to the auto-escalation policy at the bottom of the Case Escalation dialog.

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > CRM Integration > Case Escalation

If you don't want auto-escalation to happen anywhere in your community, select Do not apply auto-escalation to any places. Users with permissions for manual escalation will still be able to escalate cases.

Note: Keep in mind that because Jive checks for discussions that need auto-escalating every 30 minutes, auto-escalation may happen up to 30 minutes after the timeout set for an unanswered question to be escalated.

To activate auto-escalation anywhere in Jive:

  1. Click Apply auto-escalation to all places. (Use this setting even if you plan to disable auto-escalation for some places in your community.)
  2. If you want every question to be surfaced in Salesforce as an escalation, click Escalate all questions to cases as they are posted. If you want to surface only questions that go unanswered for some period of time, click Escalate all questions to cases if unanswered and select a time period in hours or days. (You will be able to override the global setting you choose here for specific places in your community.) "Answered" means that a reply to the question has been marked as correct.
  3. Click Apply Settings.
  4. If you want to override this setting for a specific group or space in Jive, go to the place and click and select Manage > CRM Settings.