Creating a Place-Specific Escalation Policy

You can override the global auto-escalation settings within a particular place in Jive by selecting Manage > CRM Settings.

If you've already enabled auto-escalation globally for your community, you can create exceptions for specific places (groups or spaces). You have rights to override the CRM settings for a given place if you are the Community Administrator, or if you are the group owner or space admin for the place.
Note: Subspaces will not inherit the auto-escalation settings you set for a space. You need to create a separate exception for each subspace that won't use the global policy.

To override the global auto-escalation setting at the group or space level:

  1. Navigate to a place in your community and select Manage > CRM Settings.
  2. If you want to disable auto-escalation, click Do not apply auto-escalation to this place. If you want to use a different auto-escalation policy from the global one, click Apply auto-escalation to this place.
  3. If you want every question to be surfaced in Salesforce as an escalation, click Escalate all questions to cases as they are posted. If you want to surface only questions that go unanswered for some period of time, click Escalate all questions to cases if unanswered and select a time period.
  4. Click Apply Settings.