Jive Information Included in Cases

When a Jive discussion is escalated to a Salesforce case, many of the elements of the discussion are used to populate fields in Salesforce.

The following Jive information is provided as a standard part of the Salesforce case. You don't need to add this information when escalating a case. Additional information may also be added automatically based on your administrator's mapping of Jive information to Salesforce case information, or manually when a case is escalated by a user in Jive. Values that are variable in Jive are show in italics in the Jive value column.

Note: You should never edit the Jive-provided fields from the Saleforce side.
Table 1.
Salesforce Field Jive Value Meaning
Case Origin Jive The origin is always "Jive" as a text value.
Company Author's company, if known The company information associated with the user who created the originating discussion.
Date/Time Opened In Jive Date/Time opened in Jive The date and time when the originating Jive discussion was initially created.
Description Discussion body The prompt for the discussion that originated the case.
Discussion URL Discussion URL The URL where you can directly access the discussion in Jive.
Email Address Author's email address The email address associated with the Jive account. This value is used to identify the contact associated with the case in Salesforce.
Jive Escalating User Jive escalating user name The user name of a user who manually escalated the case. This value is used to identify the agent responsible for escalating the case in Salesforce.
Jive Like count Jive Like count The number of users who clicked Like for the originating discussion. This information can be used to assess user interest in the question being escalated.
Jive Replies Count Jive replies count The number of individual posts replying to the originating discussion
Jive Tags Tags User-defined keywords assigned to the originating discussion.
Jive Type Jive Type  
Jive Views Count Jive views count The number of unique users who viewed the originating discussion.
Name Discussion Author The user name of the user who created the originating discussion.
Status New This value is always passed to identify the case as a newly created Salesforce case. It can be changed on the Salesforce side to indicate the subsequent case status.
Subject Discussion Title The title of the discussion in Jive.