Mapping Jive Metadata to Salesforce Fields

To customize the way information in a Jive discussion is used to populate a Salesforce case, you can create a custom field mapping.

Many case fields are automatically populated when a Jive discussion becomes a case: you aren't required to map any fields at all. You can see a list of this information here, and you can see the default Salesforce mappings in the admin console by clicking Show default mappings. However, you may want additional information sent from Jive to Salesforce. For example, you may want .

Fastpath: Admin Console: System > Settings > CRM Integration > Data Mapping

To add custom field mappings:

  1. Click Add custom global field.
  2. Choose the Salesforce case field you want to populate.
  3. Choose the Jive information that will be the source for the Salesforce field value.
  4. Click Apply Settings.
  5. If you want to override this setting for a specific group or space in Jive, go to the place and click and select Manage > CRM Settings > Field Mappings.