Understanding Jive Case Escalation for Salesforce

Jive Case Escalation for Salesforce allows questions asked in Jive to be escalated as a case to a Salesforce CRM instance.

About Jive Case Escalation for Salesforce

Many companies already use Jive to provide support to their customers in a fully social community environment. Jive Case Escalation for Salesforce lets you automatically escalate customer questions by transforming them into Salesforce cases, or let hand-picked individuals manually escalate cases to Salesforce. Agents can then view case information in the context of the community discussion that generated it. Organizations can also assign unique metadata to a case from Jive for the purpose of routing or assignment in Salesforce.

How the Integration Works

Each Jive user is associated with an email address. When a user posts a question in the Jive community, and that case is escalated (either manually or automatically), that email address also becomes a contact associated with an case in Salesforce. Additional information is then passed from the Jive question to create the case fields in Salesforce. You also have the option to set additional fields in the case based on the information in the Jive question. In Salesforce, you'll then be able to design queues or workflows to handle the incoming cases according to your business requirements. For example, if you want one Support queue to handle all your Jive-created cases, you can key off the "Case Origin" field of a Case object (which is always set to "Jive") to route those cases to the appropriate queue. If you want to ensure cases with high visibility (defined by a number of replies or page views in the Jive community) to be handled first, you can assign them to be handled accordingly.