Managing Jive Anywhere

Jive Anywhere brings conversation, content, and context into Jive from anywhere you are on the Web.

Jive Anywhere integrates any web page or web application with your community. With Jive Anywhere, you can start a conversation, or see what everyone else has already said, about any Web content. Best of all, there's absolutely no code required. It just happens automatically. IT doesn't have to be burdened with another integration.

To begin, all you need to do is install the Extended API (EAPI) plugin in Jive, configure Jive Anywhere, and provide the Jive Anywhere browser plugin for your community.

Note: If you are using Jive Cloud, the EAPI plugin is installed by default. You can go ahead and configure Jive Anywhere.

Discuss with your entire community

We've made it simple to post discussions to the entire community. All you have to do is select Entire Community when choosing where to post your discussion, and it will be visible to everyone in the community. This feature replaces posting to the root space.