FAQ: Sametime Integration

Why can't I see presence for any of the users?

Only users with LiveNames which are recognized by Sametime will have presence displayed in the community. If the community is integrated with LDAP, make sure that the LDAP field specified to be the source of user LiveNames contains valid Sametime LiveNames. If a profile field is explicitly chosen to source the LiveName field -- which could be the case if the community is not integrated with LDAP or if explicit LiveName field selection is forced -- the profile field must contain a valid Sametime Livename for each user. The LiveName must match exactly with whats in Sametime. Note that the value is case sensitive.

What happens if I click on "start chat" and nothing happens?

This could mean that the Sametime chat client running on the user's system is not available to the browser. The user should try restarting the client; make sure that the port (59449) is open to browser access; make sure they're using a supported version of the Sametime client. (See the System Requirements for more information.)

Is there an expected performance decrease on the Sametime server that should be planned for?

The Sametime chat clients are going to be asking the Sametime server more often for presence, so you can expect more stress on the Sametime server. However, Sametime clients basically cache presence information and subscribe to updates (rather than request it from the Sametime server each time it's asked).

Can you use other Jive chat integrations with the Sametime integration?

No; only one presence integration may be used at a time. You must uninstall any existing Jive chat integrations and reset the Jive server prior to installing the Sametime integration plugin.

What happens to users who don't have the client installed?

Those users won't see presence information anywhere in the system (including in the profile popup, user profile, or chat bar). For a user without the chat client, the community looks just as it would without the integration installed.

What browsers support this?

The System Requirements describe support for browsers and chat clients.

Does this module honor profile privacy?

Yes it does; there is a privacy option for presence specifically which is in effect; username visibility is also respected.

Can I enable this for specific users?

No. It's on or off globally.

If a user doesn't have a value set for the Sametime client in LDAP, do they see the chat bar / chat options?

They do. They can still see other people's presence status (those with a Sametime LDAP ID, called LiveName). However, those other people will not be able to see the presence of the person with no LiveName (they show up as Unknown). For more on configuring the feature, see Configuring Sametime Integration.

The community is integrated with LDAP, but I do not want to use LDAP to source my users' LiveNames. What are my options?

You may set the system property property jive.chat.presence.force.livename.selection to true, giving administrators the ability to explicitly choose a profile field from which to source the users' LiveNames. You may create new custom profile fields for sourcing that data, which may be populated not using the LDAP sync. For more on system properties, see System Properties.

The Google Chrome browser is asking me whether or not my site should be allowed to use Google Gears. What is this and should I allow it?

The chat bar uses local browser caching in the case of Google Chrome, so you should allow the site to use Google Gears. You must allow the site to use Google Gears if you wish to use the chat bar.

I can't see the chat bar in the Chrome browser. Help!

Make sure that the Chrome is allowing your site to use Google Gears.

Why do some of my SBS connections never seem to appear on the chat?

This will happen if a user has more than the default 200 connections. By default, the system will only analyze users' first 200 connections for being online; the 201st user and onwards will not be inspected for being online, and therefore may not show up on the chat bar even though they are online. The threshold is configurable; please see System Properties.