System Properties for Sametime Integration

System properties provide a way to do additional configuration. To make changes to system properties, in the admin console go to System > Management > System Properties. Keep in mind that both property names and values are case-sensitive.

Note: You should make changes to system settings only under the guidance of Jive's support or professional services teams.

The following is a list of system properties that can be used to fine tune configuration.

Property Description The maximum number of a person's community connections for whom the browser will request presence information. These connections are displayed in the chat bar's Connections tab; if the number is reached, a More link is provided. The user can click the More link to view a more complete list of their connections. Default is 200.

If people in your community have a large number of connections (such as people they're following), you might find that the browser's checks for their connections' presence can slow performance. If you suspect that this is the case, consider setting this property to a lower number.

Lower this value if users are likely to have fewer than 200 community connections; increase this value if they are likely to have more than 200. Note that the higher this value is, the more CPU-intensive it will be for the user's local CPU. true to force the admin to explicitly choose a profile field to represent the LiveName attribute. If LDAP is enabled, the pre-created LiveName profile field will be available and pre-selected. Default is false.

In an LDAP configuration where the value is not true, the plugin assumes you will be using an LDAP user attribute and provides a field on the Connects for IBM SameTime configuration page to enter which LDAP attribute to use. This property effectively forces an LDAP-configured instance to behave like a non-LDAP configured instance with respect to presence. It forces you to choose a profile field for the mapping between community users and Sametime users. The number of users obtained via page scrapes to be analyzed for presence. Defaults to 300.

Set this to a lower value if it appears that users' local CPUs are too busy processing the browser requests to the local chat client. The interval, in milliseconds, for refreshing the data in the chat bar. By default, this property is not set, so the presence information in the chat bar is not refreshed after the page loads for the user (unless they refresh the page).

With a large number of users, or users who have a large number of community connections, refreshing the chat bar can be performance-intensive. But if you want to enable refreshes that feel more "live" for users, set this to a value higher than zero. The interval, in milliseconds, between refreshes of the presence indicator on the profile popup and the profile page. Default is 60000 (1 minute). true to force the chat bar to only show presence information when the user clicks it. Default is false.

Set this to true if Sametime users' local CPUs are overburdened by presence checks to the chat client. The interval, in millseconds, between error notifications if the presence provider is not available to the application. Default is 14400000 (4 hours).

Change this parameter if reminders should be more or less frequent. Set to -1 to disable reminders.