About System Administration Permission Levels

System Administration permission levels represent sets of permissions designed to support specific types of administrative work in the application.

Note: You can only use the following standard permission levels for system administration permissions.
Permission Description
Full Access Gives control over every facet of the system. This level should only be assigned to users who are cleared to administer the system from a technical standpoint. It also gives access to view and administer all content in the system. Full access supersedes all other permissions at the space level and beyond. In other words, with full access, a person can do anything in the application whether or not they're explicitly granted permission to do it.
Manage Community Grants similar access as Manage System, plus the ability to create and manage spaces, space permissions, and system announcements. They can also view all space content, regardless of permissions, but they cannot view private groups and messages, and personal content.
Manage System Similar to Full Access, the Manage System permission level grants control over all technical aspects of the Admin Console. However, unlike Full Access, it does not automatically grant access to all community content. If your system has content in spaces that should be kept confidential, grant this permission to technical administrators instead of Full Access.
Moderate Content Provides the ability to moderate social group content as well as perform global moderation duties across all spaces. Does not provide Admin Console access. When this level is granted to a group, all moderated content will pass through their queue before it appears in the community. For more about moderation, be sure to read the Moderation section.
Manage Users Grants access to manage the users of this application. For more on managing users, see Managing User Accounts and User Groups.
Manage Groups Grants access to create and manage user groups, such as for assigning permissions. For more on groups, see Managing User Accounts and User Groups.