About Cloud Search

The Jive Cloud Search service enhances Jive search with infinite scale, continuous improvements and the advanced social context provided by Jive Find. Jive Cloud search is available whether you have an on-premise installation or are using the Jive Public Cloud.

If you are installing Jive as an on-premise solution and you want to use Jive's Cloud Search instead of the On-Premise Search, you should file a support case so we can whitelist your IP Addresses to allow you through the firewall. The Cloud Search Service is served from Jive datacenters in Phoenix, Arizona and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Cloud Search Service rigorously follows best practices for data separation.  All data is written, stored and accessed with a tenant-ID unique to the owner of the data and no access to data for a given tenant-ID is permitted unless a client also presents a secret key for verification in accordance with OAuth.   All communication is over https. For more on security of Public Cloud services, see Security of Public Cloud Communities.

Note: The comments here apply to Places and Content search only. The People search index is embedded in each Jive web app node.

Cloud Search provides the following benefits:

Infinite scale
By leveraging a cloud-based Big Data infrastructure, the search service can scale to any level while providing full redundancy.
Continuous improvement
Because search is deployed as a separate service, it can be improved at any time without disrupting other Jive functionality. Just as with familiar web search tools, the relevance of Jive search results simply gets better over time.
Jive Find
Using patent-pending technology for incorporating dynamic data in search rankings, Jive’s search service incorporates social information for improved search relevance. See below for more information.

What is Jive Find?

Jive Find provides improved search relevance by incorporating social information into search.  Search rankings are tailored for individuals based on dynamic signals derived from activity within Jive. As users use Jive, data is generated about activity such as views, creates, responses, and likes. These activities are processed in the Jive Recommender service and summarized into a form that can be used by Jive Search to enhance the relevance of search results. When a user searches for content or places, items that are considered "close" to the user (based on the activities performed by the user or other individuals connected to the user) are given a boost in the search rankings. This personalizes search results for each user.

The details of how user activity translates into levels of boost will change over time as the system is optimized.