About Home Page Permissions

Home page permissions enable global permissions for features that affect the application on a global level. These permissions enable people to create and interact with content that's displayed on the community's main page, or fine tune what users can do with updates in their personal containers and videos that they upload into the projects, spaces, or groups they belong to.

Note: You can only use the following standard permission levels for home page permissions.
Permission Access Granted
Create announcement Create announcements that appear on the main (and personalized) homepage.
Create poll Create polls at the system level.
Vote in polls Vote in polls created at the system level.
Create video Create and upload videos in their personal containers.
Rate videos Rate the videos that they can access.
Comment on videos Comment on the videos that they can access.
Create and Repost updates Create their own updates and repost someone else's update.
Like updates Like someone's updates, which affects their status points.
Comment on updates Comment on other users' updates.
View updates Allows users to view updates that others post.
Insert update images Add images to their update as an attachment.
Insert comment images Add images to comments on updates.
DM/Sharing user override Allows users to override the DM/Sharing connection requirement.
Create attachments Allow users to create attachments on content.
Insert images Allows users to insert images into content.
Customize site Allows users to customize site appearance (theming).
Manage Slideshow Carousel Work with the multi-image slideshow widget used on the Home page and Overview pages.