About Social Group Permission Levels

Social group permission levels are designed essentially as a way to manage whether people can see or create social groups. A user with access to create a social group can set the group's level of access and which content types are allowed in the group.

Fastpath: Admin Console: Permissions > Social Group Permissions

Permissions for each content type in a social group, however, are not configurable. They're essentially unlimited (read, create, comment, attach file, etc.) Projects created inside a social group inherit these permissions.

Note: Be sure to select View social group when granting access to create groups. Without that permission, users won't be able to see aspects of the UI through which they can create groups.

The following table lists the permission levels provided for social groups.

Permission Access Granted
View social group See the group feature and read all visible social groups. This is a general visibility option for groups. In other words, it must be selected in order for uses to choose Group from the New menu in the end user UI.
Create group (public)

Create a new a public or members only social group.

Create group (private) Create a new private or secret social group.
Manage social group Allows users to manage any social groups.
Create externally accessible group Allows users to create private and secret social groups accessible to invited external contributors.