Before You Upgrade

Before you upgrade your instance, take the steps described here (such as backing up important data) to help ensure that your upgrade is successful.

Back Up Your jiveHome Directory

The jiveHome directory is the place where versions before 3.0 store information about your environment. The database connection information is stored there, as well as logs, cached attachments, your license file, and the local system database files (if used). You should back up this directory before upgrading.

Back Up Your Database

You should back up your database before you upgrade. For now, the best way to manage database backups is to follow the recommendations of your DBA or the recommendations of your database software. There are a number of tools built in to various databases. Here are a couple of examples:

Remove Plugins Before Upgrading

Before starting your upgrade, be sure to remove any plugins you've installed. For those plugins that aren't compatible with the version you're upgrading to, you'll need to separately upgrade your plugin code (or get upgraded versions of the plugins from their developer), then install the upgraded versions after you've completed your Jive upgrade. The latest versions of Jive-supported plugins are available from the Jive Community.

For more on managing plugins, see Adding and Removing Plugins.

For Pre-5.0 Upgrades, Add an Activity Engine Node and Database

If you're upgrading from a version prior to 5.0, you will need to add a node and database for the Activity Engine. Be sure to read the Setting Up the Activity Engine topics and Setting Up a New Database before you begin upgrading.

For Pre-6.0 Upgrades, Add a Node for On-prem Search (Optional)

If you're upgrading from a version prior to 6.0 and you have chosen to implement on-prem search instead of Cloud Search, you will need to add a node for the Search service. Make sure it meets the requirements specified in Hardware Requirements.

Allow Time for Search Index Rebuilding

Jive Software recommends that you first test the upgrade on a UAT instance to determine how long the search index rebuild will take. In some cases, it may take days to rebuild the index, depending on the size and activity of the community. Communities with large amounts of content and activity should allow adequate time for the search index rebuild before deploying an upgrade to production.